HG Studio Editorial Portraits

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This is my editorial photography portfolio page. Many of my photographs are published alongside a story, in print, or in online publications.
I create my editorial content to help tell a story or support the narrative of a story. The main focus of editorial photography is to create a specific mood or tone for the story.
Editorial photography is one of the most popular niches in the newspaper and magazine industry. HG Studio editorial photography depicts the freedom of exploring stories and concepts because it’s not restrained or commercialized by brands.
These examples have the main feature, cover shot featured in the Inspired Health, Prime Life, Senior Living, and Inspired Living magazines. The majority of these portraits are captured as environmental portraits. In addition, I’ve used my photography skills and layout skills in all these examples. Some of these layouts contain provided photos for layout purposes by the interviewed person(s) inside spreads.






June 22, 2022



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