Art, Photo & Design With Passion

Hugo Gonzalez (HG Studio Creative) I am an adventure seeker, coffee addicted, and action movie lover. When I am not working on my creative side, I love riding my mountain bike.

I was borned in “Magical Town” Sombrerete, Zacatecas Mexico. I grew up in Kansas where I sharpened my skills during my high school and college years. I am an introvert, but I see that as an opportunity to grow because I can step out of my comfort zone and explore and create new things. I love creativity in general because I can implement it in other aspects of my life. Creativity has allowed me to expand and become a diverse artist, working with drawings, painting, photography, video, and graphic design.

Art is my purpose, I am an award-winning fine artist, graphic designer, and published photographer in rural Kansas. I got a passion for growth and always striving to create new content.

"Wish, Venture, Imagine, and Discover".